Academic Support

Because students must have extensive education before being able to apply to the Entertainment and Media Law LL.M. Online program, typically having an undergraduate degree and a Juris Doctorate, their ability to perform academically has been thoroughly vetted through their successful prior academic performance.

As well, already having their first degree in the law (and, typically, some years of experience working in the legal profession), these students have amply demonstrated that they know how to read the law, understand the law, analyze the law, and express themselves in the law.  Issues of poor basic academic skills will have manifested earlier in failure to achieve their required first degree in the law.  For foreign students, we make sure they have competency in the English language through TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scoring, and the Director has developed a course titled “American Legal Systems,” which carries no credit and costs the student nothing, which introduces the basic legal system of the United States and defines much of the salient vocabulary.  In this way, for both American and foreign students, the need for Academic Support is reasonably expected to be nonexistent.  There is no formal Academic Support offered, though the Director works with students on an ad hoc basis as issues are identified.