Mar 01 2009

Neil Ollivierra

Teaches or Lectures in These Online Courses: Motion Picture Production Law.

Neil Ollivierra a former longtime Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs at Lionsgate Entertainment, where his responsibilities included negotiating and drafting a wide variety of development and production agreements with respect to rights, cast, crew, location, product release, product placement, turnaround and quitclaim deals, finance, escrow, NOIA, visual effects services, Department of Defense military assistance, real property leases, and settlement agreements. He provided business and legal counsel to Lionsgate’s development and production executives—interpreting and applying collective bargaining agreement provisions, as well as domestic and foreign case law, civil statutes and administrative code—and drafted memoranda with respect to labor, entertainment and intellectual property matters. He further filed intellectual property registration and recordation documents on behalf of the company, including those related to copyrights, trademarks and liens, and has successfully appealed the rejection of trademark applications with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Prior to entering the practice of law, Professor Ollivierra for many years enjoyed the privilege of working on both the creative and business sides of the arts on an international scale. As the manager of the pioneering techno record label Transmat Records during its most prolific years, wherein celebrated artists such as Grammy-nominated producer Carl Craig exploded onto the global scene, he supervised the development, marketing and licensing of hundreds of musical works in operations based in United States, Europe and Asia. As a professional music producer, he has recorded for record labels in England, Belgium, Japan and the United States, and as a music performer he has toured domestically and abroad. His acrylic paintings hang in homes and corporate environments in Paris, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Detroit, and his critical essays on the subjects of film and music have been published in England, Germany and the USA.

Professor Ollivierra earned his law degree at the Southwestern Law School.